Thursday, September 15, 2011

Antenna, Receiver, Amp

I'm starting to think that the reason we are here is to be some kind of antenna. Humans are like antennas. Well, I think we are sort of like an antenna, receiver, amp combo.

Go with me for a second on this whole antenna thing. I know it sounds a bit sci-fi-y, but I think this makes some sense:

I've said before that I think our purpose here is to give and receive love.

  1. Find the love. 
  2. Feel the love. 
  3. Give the love. 
  4. Repeat. 

Antenna's gotta find it.
Receiver's gotta feel it.
Amp's gotta give it.

I'm not great with electronics (meaning I know nothing), but I think I have the basics right?

So, I started thinking...

If the antenna isn't just right, we pick up static. We have to move that antenna to a good spot. And then once we do, we have to make sure that what's coming in is what we actually need or want to be hearing or feeling. I wonder then, if all of our lives are about three things:

1. Keeping our antennas open and aligned with the right frequencies
2. Translating those frequencies into some kind of tangible art through our receivers
3. Giving that art through our amps

If we want to pick up the right frequency (in this case, I'm thinking the love frequency, the God frequency, the genius frequency, the daemon frequency, whatever you want to call it) I guess we have to first think of our bodies as antennas that actually have the ability to pick up from that other place where amazing, beautiful art and love comes from. Then once we remember/believe we can do that (and we all can) I suppose we have to take out the trash. Get all the rubbish out of the way so we can actually hear something.

I just read this book called The War of Art and if you haven't read it, I really, really, really think you should. In it, the author talks about how we are all here to do our own personal art but "the resistance" (the un-evolved, fear-based, emotional brain) gets in the way. He (Steven Pressfield) explains how we make excuses for not making our art, that we all have access to our art from this genius realm (or frequency), and makes it very clear that nothing is more important than stepping up, being a professional and doing what makes you come alive.

Keeping the antenna free from rubbish in a spot that's open to receive means we've got to step up. We have to realize that we are vessels of some sort, vessels to give the gift of some kind of lovely art. And I don't mean just painting and drawing art, I mean anything that makes you come alive, or that thing (or  things) that you are afraid to do. Those are the things we have to do. I hate to ruin the book but the last line reads,

"Don't cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you got." 

I love this last line. Steven Pressfield has helped me understand that it is our duty to find our art and give it and that nothing else matters more. He made me realize that most areas of our lives will seem incomplete or lined with a haze of melancholy or stress until we face "the resistance" and learn to find and give our gifts. After reading this book, I looked back on my life and started to see all the ways "the resistance" could manifest; in our relationships, in our jobs, in our diets, in our ways to relieve stress. It literally rules over us. We're picking up static crap almost all-day, every day.

So, hey you (talking to myself too):

Do your art. It's gonna be hard. But you have to fight for it. Because we need your gift. Because nobody has a gift like your gift. And know while you're working relentlessly on getting that antenna tuned (and facing "the resistance") you aren't alone. I'm in my work clothes too, fighting right beside you. Even though the battles have to be fought alone when it comes to matters of our art, we can still support each other.

Let's tune in.
Feel it. Create it. Give it.


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